Which Is Better?
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A comedy podcast where 2 topics are discussed in an attempt to decide Which Is Better? w/ Brad Edwards, Sean Parrott & Gary Fletcher.

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    35.5 BONUS MINI-EPISODE: Bad People

    GOOD GOD. I can't believe it's time for another BONUS EPISODE of everyone's favorite podcast: Which Is Better?! Join us as we talk Brett Kavanaugh, Bam Margera and Ford Truck Men.

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    34.5 BONUS MINI-EPISODE: Suicidal Gomer Pyle

    It's time for another fun-sized episode of Which Is Better?! Join comedians Brad Edwards, Sean Parrott, and Gary Fletcher as they discuss Darth Vader, Ninjas, and Tumor Tooth Fairies!

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    32.5 BONUS MINI-EPISODE: Juvenile Dinosaurs

    It's time for another delicious BONUS MINI-SODE! Join comedians Brad Edwards, Sean Parrott and Gary Fletcher as they talk dinosaur names, American Psycho, and Rick and Morty fans!

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