Which Is Better?
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A comedy podcast where 2 topics are discussed in an attempt to decide Which Is Better? w/ Brad Edwards, Sean Parrott & Gary Fletcher.

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    16. STAR WARS vs. STAR TREK: A New Dope

    STAR WARS and STAR TREK beam up for this biggest battle this galaxy has ever seen on this interstellar episode of Which Is Better?.

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    13. TOMMY vs. THE WALL: Pink Floyd Who?

    The Who's TOMMY and Pink Floyd's THE WALL face off to find out Which Is Better?! Join comedians Brad, Sean, and Gary as they talk
    Cosby, human-cloning and how Elton John was a kind of a trickster. If you've ever thought you are just another brick in the wall or
    love The Who only because of C.S.I., then pop on your headphones for an amazing journey with Which Is Better?.

    Featuring:  Brad EdwardsSean Parrott & Gary Fletcher

    Special Guest:  Mark Anundson

    Music by Sean Parrott @ seanisok.com

    Contacts:  Facebook  Twitter  WhichIsBetterPodcast@gmail.com

    Sound Effects by:   BerlinAtmospheres 


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